Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert (rhialto) wrote,
Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert

Okay, air travel booked

Okay, I just booked my air travel for BiCon. I'm going to London first (on tuesday), then to BiCon, then back home.
I was first planning to do fly Jet2 from LBA to AMS, but their flight time on sunday was way too early. And it turns out that KLM will do disconnected return flights for seemingly no extra charge. They still charge the 10-fold fare for single trips, though. Literally. A flight from LBA to AMS can be had for £40-£50 in combination with a return flight, but as a single it would cost between £400 and £500...
But now I'm flying with KLM to London City Airport. Most options went to Heathrow, but who wants to go to Heathrow? Much too far away. If I can land in the middle of the city and wave to a former BiCon venue, that seems a much better option.
It's a shame though that online checkin is only about 30 hours in advance.
Next step: book train (or so) from London to Leeds (Horsforth, actually). What's the recommended train booking site these days? nationalrail.co.uk seems to work fine, actually.
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I booked through tpexpress (first transpennine), but as far as I understand the system, it doesn't matter – the prices are the same, nobody has a booking fee, nobody sends paper tickets abroad for free. (It's possible that some others don't let you book if you don't give an UK address?)
Yeah, I went clicking around, starting from nationalrail.co.uk. When I did that a few years ago, there were lots of different booking sites with slightly different terms and conditions (such as the booking fees). Apparently it has improved... fortunately. This time there was simply a "buy this ticket' style button and it sent me to the East Coast train company which could sell me the ticket using my credit card.
So I'm leaving on Thursday, from King's Cross, at 14:05 and I'll be in Horsforth at 16:42, for £22,15 plus whatever my credit card adds to that because it's not in €uros.