Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert (rhialto) wrote,
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5 years ago already...

Time goes fast. Today it was already 5 years ago that Isabelle passed away. As a ritual, I'm burning a bit of incense.

A lot has happened in that time, it seems. My luck with jobs seems to have gone as well; I have had several in these years.

But there is some very good news :-) Through the magic of "The Internet" I met a lovely new girlfriend. I didn't really expect it, and I didn't expect where I found her either: S. lives in Berlin. Not that a long distance is strange for me ("wat je van ver haalt is lekkerder"), but it is the direction this time which is new for me.

So I'm in Berlin this weekend (the train connections are very good) and saturday we can celebrate that it is 6 months ago that she sent me her first message :-)
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